I have been a member of the burlingtonwritersworkshop.com  for nearly a year now and have found fellow writers and wonderful feedback and help within the ranks. Burlington, Vermont and the surrounding area has a large number of writers, and this workshop boasts well over 400 of them.


Find my first published piece, Happy New Year, in The Best of The Burlington Writers Workshop 2014, which can be purchased at

phoenixbooks.biz  Phoenix Books is an independent bookstore, with stores in Burlington and Essex Junction, VT.  You can purchase the anthology at 


Welcome to my webpage.  I hope this page will continue to inspire and motivate those that visit here.  I will post pages of my writing and thoughts about the writing life.  I also love photography, as you might notice. 

Terry Cleveland, author


Reading at the Essex Free Library on July 17th with four others from the Burlington Writers Workshop.  Read a chapter from my novel-in-progress called The Significance of Ordinary Objects.