By day he sells extraordinary upholstery

To bitchy rich women redecorating for the second time this year.

He tells them he marvels at their taste and traces the patterns

With well manicured hands. 


He walks to and from work

In a pair of Cole Haan’s made for the man

Who wants to save the Earth, but in comfort.

He is well dressed but just shabby enough to be unremarkable.

He is ill at ease being noticed.


At night, he peruses catalogs of clothes  for the larger woman.

Pages of luxurious clothing and accessories.

He has a wish-list of boas, extra wide spike heels,

Push up bras and girdles meant to smooth and smother.


His heart beats faster as the weekend approaches.

It is a rhythm most do not hear.  

His skin begins to beg for the feeling of silk and feather.

His mind screams for her and after applying makeup,

He gazes in the mirror at the beautiful woman she has become.

She meets the others in an upscale restaurant

Reeking of parfum from expensive stores.

Her dress hugs her curves and her face is flawless.

They toast their beauty with Cosmos.


Out on the street they garner stares from people

And the women know that everything is perfect

When they are getting noticed.

They share a cab and fall into their own  beds

Still dressed in clothes reeking of male sweat.


In the morning, she wipes the pancake makeup off

And stares at his face dark with stubble.

He is tired of the pretense and pretending and 

He yearns for him to disappear so that he can be solely her.